Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Damu Bassline Biter?

The last post i made about that OC remix was a good one but i knew i had heard that bassline from somewhere before. ive had it in my head for the last few days then finally today on the drive home it clicked. EPMD did that shit up proper on their Back In Business album.

heres that track. you choose whcihc one you like better. im pretty much on the fence about it since both tracks are dope

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Post.......Finally. OC - Who Run It (Damu The Fudgmunk Remix)

Yeah I've been slacking a lot on the posts but i do have shit to do other than make incredible entries onto this amazing blog...

Anyways I had totally forgotten about this OC track that Damu the Fudgemunk remixed awhile back from OC's album Starchild. This joint is pretty dope. Word is that Damu remixed this whole album but it was shelved for some stupid reason. Straight up golden era shit right here

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rise And Fall Of Lil Jon

This is hilarious. 12 pound gold chain ahahahhaha

RA The Rugged Man

I went to Ill Bill, RA and Sean Price awhile back with my bro when they were in town and it was fucking awesome. RA came on first and totally destroyed the show with the best hip hop performance i had ever seen. Everything was so hype and he was jumpin around all over the place without his shirt off and his fat ass gut hangin out. I think he pulled up some hot chicks from the crowd and rubbed all up on them and was dissin other chicks who thought they were hot. It was so fuckin funny. Sean Price sucked live and I'd never pay to see hikm again then Ill Bill came on and killed it too especially when Cult Leader came on. Anyways RA in preparation for his NEW album coming out has released a video from his debut LP for the song A Star Is Born. Awesome vid as usual for RA. Oh and check out the other vid with Smut Peddlers ( Cage & Mr. Eon ). That one is def. NSFW.

edit. took me like 10 minutes of searching but i found the bottom feeders vid for download. its totally banned on all online players so if you want to watch it there it is. dont say i didnt warn you though. dope song fucking wild video

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Emanon ( Aloe Blacc & Exile )

All through 2010 I kept on hearing about how fucking great Aloe Blacc was as if he had never been around before. Yes he is fucking dope but no he didnt just come outta nowhere. Emanon is a group where Aloe Blacc teams up with Exile who DJ's and then Cheapshot has done a shitload of beats for them too. I think these guys' first joint came out around 98 in the form of a 12" single. Anyways if you like Aloe's singing then you should probably like his rapping cause thats about 99% of what you're gonna get here. Way doper IMO

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reading Material

 I read a lot about hip hop. whether it be new shit coming out or old shit from back in the day or just about the artists themselves. There are a lot of great blogs out there and here is a really good post that i just read today about why there will never be another golden era in hip hop.

"One of the biggest complaints I hear from heads that can recall the two previous Golden Eras of Hip Hop is that mainstream/major label Rap/Hip Hop has strayed too far from what made many of us initially fall in love with it. Now, it’s 2011 and things still aren’t getting any better. If anything it seems things may be getting exponentially worse for Hip Hop quality wise.

There were many of us that pretty much abandoned mainstream Rap altogether circa 1997 instead opting to listen to underground or indie Hip Hop while waiting for things to “get back to normal”. Going on 14 years later not only have things continued to deteriorate but the rift between the underground and mainstream that first began to open after the signing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has also managed to widen exponentially with the passage of time.

At one point in time the underground actually helped to fuel the mainstream and major label Rap industry and spur it on. The competition created by up and comers in the Rap game kept those in the spotlight on point for fear they’d get outshined by a hungrier young emcee or producer. Steel sharpened steel. Problem is, nowadays the dull knives in the drawer are the shiniest ones thus attracting the most attention and those with superior lyrical prowess or a higher syllable count are looked down upon. Boom bap production is cast aside as people gravitate towards Pop leaning Electro or Techno beats. This can’t be life © Shawn Corey Carter

Since Hip Hop has turned into two separate scenes instead of just one with many different aspects, the old natural checks and balances that were once in place are all but gone completely. The industry has taken complete control of the mainstream Rap game and has all but removed the skill, artistic or innovative aspects from the music. Now only but 5 artists move any significant number of units or are even allowed to do anything remotely smacking of being “different”.

Since the mainstream or casual Rap fan is completely oblivious to any rappers or emcees that aren’t currently on the radio or getting spins at the club they stay in the dark. Since none of the more substance based artists with advanced lyrical content ever get heard next to the current crop of Short Bus Rap that’s all the rage nowadays there’s no direct competion between these emcees for the fan’s ears. Without that balance and that competiton there’s no chance we’ll ever see another Golden Era in Hip Hop.

In any profession, no matter what it may be you get better at it when you’re constantly pit against competition or forced to compete against the best in a particular field. Sink or swim. In each Golden Era of Hip Hop not only was the competition at the highest level between emcees, DJ’s and producers in terms of skill and innovation but to gain the hearts and minds of the fans. For the most part the best and the most respected in Hip Hop were the most relevant in each era. What a coincidence!

In conclusion, with the current status quo in place there will never be another Golden Era in Hip Hop. Due to the fact that not only is there no balance at the major label level in terms of the lyrical content or skill level of the rappers that get airplay or media attention while the entire underground Rap scene goes all but completely ignored.
Without both sides coexisting (like they did during the last two Golden Eras from 1986-1989 and 1992-1996) instead of this “separate but equal” Rap Apartheid/Jim Crow situation we have today nothing will ever get better. Emcees will never have to step their bars up. Producers won’t have to stop doing the same damn drumroll at the beginnings of songs. Fans will never discover that lyricism isn’t dead and Rap publications will never stop putting mediocre rappers on their covers

DITC Mega Post

DITC (Diggin In The Crates) is a super group from the 90's. With some of the best emcee's and producers in the game almost everything these guys put out was dope. Lets get started...!download|270l32|152614781|D.I.T.C_-_Diggin_In_The_Crates__2000_.rar|62331

This group album is for sure a favorite of mine. Good listen from start to finish

Big L

most people just know him from the beginning of the Gangstarr song Full Clip where Premier says " Big L rest in peace". Pathetic

Dude is mega nice on the mic and dropped a couple solo banger LP's. Obviously he is dead now and since hes dead everyone thinks hes one of the best to ever do it. he pretty much is


OC dropped Word Life in 1994 with the hit track Time's Up. Hes put out a few albums since then, most recently a collaboration with fellow DITC member AG. His sophmore effort Jewelz from 1997 was a pretty dope album too especially with the Premier laced tracks

Show & AG

Showbiz producing AG rapping. Not much else to say other than more classic shit. I think they put out like 5 albums or so starting from the early 90's. Too bad for showbiz that their most recognized song was a DJ Premier remix
Fat Joe

AKA Joey Crack, Fat Joe is yes you guessed it a fat dude. Before he started doing all those bullshit R&B songs with J-Lo he was puttin out some pretty ill shit. Check i,t this track is fucking bangin
Diamond D

Producer and emcee, Diamond D's 1st album was and is a classic. pretty sure it came out in 1992 and is ahead of the pack for sure.

Lord Finesse

Totally dope all round rapper/producer.Fact.

Now I know Celph Titled isnt part of DITC but his collabo with Buckwild in 2010 for the album Nineteen Ninety Now was an instant classic. All the beats are from Buckwilds catalog that he made in the early 90's. You will be able to tell right away. Plus this reunites some fellow DITC members and 2/3's of Brand Nubian on the joint There Will Be Blood. Booya finally done. Enjoy some true hip hop